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An Advocacy on Sustainable Farming

All Seasons Nature Farms takes a holistic view of farming where crop production and raising livestock go hand in hand to build an agricultural biosystem that is both sustainable and consequently diversified.

Our brand of agriculture is a way of life. We strive to keep a minimal environment footprint and ensure that our zero-waste mantra is adhered to each day. This means that agricultural waste and by-products at one stage are subsequently used in another.

We are loathe to disturb the natural order of things. In fact, our agri-system relies on the natural state of things to grow our produce. We rely heavily on beneficial microbes to enrich soil content. Some people may call it probiotics - we just call them our handy helpers. Nutrient-rich soil feeds hardy and disease-free plants. To you, this means fresh and sweet-tasting vegetables. We guarantee that you can see and taste the difference between vegetables grown the conventional fashion versus the natural way!

One little detail by the way -- our vegetables are all pesticide-free. To ward off insects and their ilk, we utilize the most proven way of keeping them out of our vegetable plots -- by using fine meshed nets. Period. Actually, we have pepper and neem based sprays too but that's for desperate measures -- again, they're all organic -- all natural sans the stuff you'd normally run away from :D.

Part of the vegetables we grow, usually scraps and unsold helpings of veggies, are made into food for our livestock. Our chickens, for instance, love grazing and they go crazy over cut greens we give them every afternoon. Speaking of chickens, we create our own feed for our livestock - made out of rice bran, copra meal, soya meal, and corn grits - our feed is fermented over two weeks courtesy of our handy helpers (again, beneficial microbes). This process of fermentation increases the nutritional content of the feed which in turn make for healthy and tasty chickens.

As soon as chickens find their way to your homes, we clean up the pens and create fertilizer out of the beddings and droppings. Yet again, our handy helpers breakdown and decompose the waste material into something that plants can readily absorb. Once ready, we condition the soil using this fertilizer and the cycle from plant to livestock to plant continues.

A natural consequence of this sustainable method of farming is the ability to support a diverse mix of crops and livestock. All Seasons currently produces high value vegetables and fruits that complement our ability to grow free ranging chickens (broilers and layers) and pekin ducks the natural way.


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