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All Seasons secures ATI Learning Site accreditation

All Seasons is now an accredited Learning Site with the DA - Agricultural Training Institute! Apart from production which is the core of our business, we launch our services arm to include training and consulting. We are so excited to play our role as extension provider in our little patch of earth in Batangas. Thank you to our dear friends in #ATICalabarzon for the encouragement and support.

I am personally excited at the prospect of helping equip farmers with the right skills and technology to make farming a viable career and vocation. We need farmers to remain farmers and encourage would-be farmers be farmers!

I started my career teaching IT and with a few close friends established an IT training and consulting firm in the mid-90s. I seem to have come full circle. Who would have known i'll end up in the same profession that is so dear to me.

Once a teacher, always a teacher. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur.

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