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Workshop on developing the Organic Market thru a Stable Supply

Developing a market for organic and natural produce requires quality and consistency of supply -- and we can only do this when farmers stand together as one.

We are inviting farm owners & practitioners to perhaps is the first production planning workshop that brings together farmers from at least twenty organic and natural farms from CALABARZON. The three-day workshop reiterates the importance of demand and production principles as foundations for farmers to JOINTLY PRODUCE CROPS & LIVESTOCK AT SCALE so farmers can APPROACH the market AT SCALE. Coordination at this level is unprecedented and requires participants to share their knowledge of their own markets and commit to produce crops & livestock according to COORDINATED production plans.

The module assumes participants have completed any of the following: Integrated Diversified Organic Farming System (IDOFS), Organic Agriculture Production (OAP), or are confirmed practitioners of organic or natural farming methods. Topics to be covered assumes a clear appreciation of business & production/operations concepts. Participants should likewise be computer literate and are comfortable at working on simple calculations. Laptops are required for the workshop as planning and operations tools are online.

THE WORKSHOP IS FREE for the first (30) individuals who register but we may accept additional participants pending space and availability at the venue (and shall be at your own expense). Venue is Caliraya Ecoville Recreation & Farm Resort in Cavinti, Laguna on 16-18 November 2018.

Participants shall be registered in the order by which your registration has been received. Deadline for registration is 26th October 2018. This workshop is presented by ALL SEASONS NATURE FARMS and co-presented by the Agricultural Training Institute Region IV-A.

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