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Steady Supply of Dressed Chickens through CY18Q1

Get a taste of flavourful, happy chickens grown and cared for the way it should be for you and your family!  Our free range chickens are really tasty and are great for soups and stews -- lasang native!  Dressed free-range happy chickens weigh around 1.1kg to 1.3 kg.  You can provide us your target dressed weight per bird and we will deliver to your specifications.

Steady Supply of Brown Chicken Eggs through CY18Q1

Great eggs can only come from great layers -- and we definitely take care of our hens like no one else can!

Like their broiler counterparts, our hens get lots of air and sunshine.  We mix our own feed and make sure our layers only get everything that's natural and good for them.  

Harvested from our hens on a daily basis, our eggs are cleaned then quickly stored at a consistent temperature to ensure freshness by the time it reaches you!  

Our eggs are available in trays of 30 pieces and come in the following sizes:

  • Medium                      55-60 grams

  • Large                          61-65 grams

  • Extra Large                   66-70 grams

  • Jumbo                         71 grams or more

Dressed Pekin Ducks -- Naturally Grown, Pastured, Free Range

Steady Supply of Dressed Pekin Ducks through CY18Q1

We like our pekin ducks fat and yummy-- and yes, we do it the right way!

No hormones, no chemicals, no artificial enhancers -- that's our promise.  So how do we do it?  We feed our ducks everything that's naturally fatty with a healthy dose of meat building proteins.  Did we mention we ask our ducks to sit and chill most of the time?  

That's our little secret.


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Dressed Piglets for Lechon de Leche -- Naturally Grown, Pastured, Free Range

Limited Supply of Lechon de Leche Piglets through CY17Q1

Lechon de leche-sized piglets weighing 4.5kg to 5.5kg dressed weight.

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Lechon de leche-sized piglets weighing 4.5kg to 5.5kg dressed weight.

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Retail and trade customers are welcome.  If you have a bakery, restaurant or join bazaars, weekend markets, or have a stall at your local market, we can work with you as a distributor/retailer and arrange for regular, weekly deliveries.
For wholesalers and consolidators, we are a white-label for some of our most intimate customers.
We supply the farm produce and you provide the packaging.  Goods delivered to you are store-ready.