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Naturally Grown, Pastured, Free Range Chicken Broilers

Our free range chickens are grown naturally with lots of fresh air and sunshine!  We allow them to roam around and exercise making the meat firm and much leaner (less fat!) compared to run of the mill 45-day (Leghorn or Cobb) broilers.

Our happy, free range chickens are based on two outstanding lines that have been tried and tested under Philippine conditions:


  • Dominant CZ with an average live weight of 1.8kg at 90 days

  • Hubbard with an average live weight of 1.6kg at 60 days


These breeds are used to being grown on your backyard and/or rural conditions with minimum supervision.  We mix our own feeds and use probiotics -- nothing is artificial in our chickens.  More importantly, we give our chickens the time to grow big and strong, after all, that's how they become really tasty!

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