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Brown Chicken Eggs from Naturally Grown, Pastured, Free Range Layers

Our free range layers are just as spoiled as our broilers -- they are grown naturally with lots of fresh air and sunshine!  Exercise is apparently good for our layers.  After their exercise routine, most of our hens make it a point to pass by their nests and lay an egg!  The good news is they do this everyday -- that means more yummy eggs for us!

Our happy, free range layers are largely based on Dominant CZ and Dekalb hybrids that start laying eggs at ~140 days (4.5 months).   They start to peak at about 170 days (5.5 months) and are productive for the next 12 months.  These lines have been tried and tested under Philippine conditions and are used to being grown on backyard or rural conditions.

We mix our own feeds and use probiotics -- nothing is artificial in our chickens.  More importantly, we give our chickens the time to mature properly to extend their productive laying lives.

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