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Water ushers beginnings. Water is Life.

Earlier this week All Seasons achieved a major milestone in what would be the beginnings of our Demo Farm. We've finally completed our deep well project -- powered entirely by the sun. Designed to pump, on average, 21 cubic meters of precious water daily, the first well of perhaps three is enough to support phase one of the farm's development. For the next few days, temporary water tanks will be put up while we build ~120 cubic meters of water storage. This is enough for three to four days of buffer stock to ensure uninterrupted water supply to carry us through especially during the upcoming summer months.

All Seasons is passionate about water reuse. Open-face, grated canals will be built along the perimeter of the property with waste water and run-off directed to a natural lagoon i.e. lowest point of the property. Not only does this protect our crops and livestock from flooding, it guards against 'contaminated' water from the surrounding non-organic farms. This barrier obviously keeps our farm pristine.

To recycle the collected water, water in the lagoon is filtered and treated with beneficial microorganisms. We let nature do the work for a time until we can deem the water usable again for irrigation. These plans will take the better part of 2017 -- then again, this is key to demonstrating how we can protect and efficiently use our scarce water resources.

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