Inflection Points by Design

One may argue that INFLECTION POINTS are brought about by the coincidental alignment of a hodge-podge of factors. I don't necessarily disagree with it, we all need a good break once in a while. Having said this, in business, as much as it is in agriculture, we try to minimize coincidence and lean on a plan -- one that improves how you do stuff or one that makes you responsive to what the market needs and wants.

ALL SEASONS has been farming since 2009 and every so often, we ask ourselves a few questions: how are we doing? are we doing better, worse? do we STILL like what we're doing? do we want to do SOMETHING ELSE?

We started off with orchids and do I love orchids. I still have them all this time -- it's a high margin business though gestation can be slow. You'll hit a few jackpots once in a while but in itself isn't sustainable -- at least from where I stood at that time. Orchids are a long term crop and we needed something to drive cash pronto.

In 2011, we decided to go into poultry with pekin ducks. Pekin ducks are differentiated in the market. Its meat is not exactly mainstream, but exotic enough to command a premium. Ducks are harvested every 75-90 days and so they're reasonably short term. Our foray into poultry did not stop there. The following year, we pursued chicken broilers (dressed chickens) and chicken layers (chicken eggs). We did not have the size of a large grower so we had to differentiate yet again in the market - we'll grow them naturally -- and so started our romance with all things natural and organic -- a premium segment.